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“There are no honest people – there are only those who have no opportunity to steal.”

Vincent  Can theft become art and save the man from his conscience? Is theft considered to be theft if you steal from your enemy?

  Vincent was a wunderkind. He quickly learned several languages, was ahead of the education program in a prestigious London-based Institute. He had skills in drawing and radio electronics.  He dreamed of becoming a part of higher society, buying a small island in the Mediterranean and building a radio beacon there.

  Vincent’s life changed dramatically when his father was jailed for corruption. The road to higher society was closed, education funding ended. He dropped out of the Institute and became a freelance artist.

  His education and manners didn’t help him in the streets of London and soon he discovered new talents for himself: theft, burglary, people manipulation, acting and oratory art. He could easily get the trust and steal from wealthy citizens.

   He became a successful con artist and quickly switched to stealing masterpieces, new technologies blueprints, as well as secrets of big corporations. Radio electronics hobby allowed him to develop a network of informants across all Europe. He became an expert in this field, and was able to enter the elite of con artist world, though only few people knew him as a criminal. And everything went good, until the war came…

  Possessing the information, he understood that trading with the Cult was extremely dangerous. He was thinking of doing one last job – stealing new Tesla technology secrets and run away from this terrible war.

    Lord Bingham put a lot of effort to catch Vincent, but instead of handing him to the police, he offered him a place in the team. Because both understood that if the Cult wins, there will be no place, no island to hide, and of course there will be no free radio station…

Role in game: Spy missions