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“Honor is more precious than life”

chr_victor     Russian officers are famous for their training, high moral values and the fact that they never surrender to the enemy. Russian officers don’t serve to the state, but Homeland, even if the state has turned away from them.

     Victor Makarov was born in 1890, in Tula, Russia. He successfully graduated from the Higher Artillery Command Engineering School in Petrograd. Being a talented engineer and a commander, he tied his whole life with the army. Having been given the major rank, he also got a designation to Experimental Artillery forces.

     As soon as the Civil Spanish war began, Victor, with all his platoon and family, was sent to Madrid. Officially his task was to educate Spanish artillerists, but in fact he began the construction of a big powerful gun. The project was so secret, that he had to change his surname, learn the language and settle in the suburbs near Madrid.

     In 1939, a new organization, called “Black Cult” intervened in the course of the civil war and Victor’s fate.   Spain had been suffering from endless revolts of cultists. Spanish generals chose the Cult’s side. The secret gun was relocated to Portugal. While Victor was saving his life’s work, his wife and kids were killed under bombardment of the Cult.

     The cult retreated. The Spanish government changed, the project of the big gun lost its funding, and was abandoned somewhere in Portugal. Russia claimed that it never helped “corrupted generals” with special projects. Victor’s squad was simply forgotten, the information was classified.  Victor lost everything: his family, his job, hopes…

     Victor fought in every battle with the Cult, as if  it had been his last battle. But once, after a battle the fate brought him with Lord Bingham. He offered to revive the Artillery gun project, provided with a job and a place in the special team. However, Victor got a lot more… He got a new sense of live – to destroy “Black Cult” forever!

Role in game: Head of military operations.