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Natalie Rise

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“Priceless is the one who is beside you when others turn their backs on you!”


     Loyal people are rare in all times. They need to be brought up, they require time, efforts and resources. But in the search of true loyalty, any investments are justified.

     Natalie was born in England, in a small town near London. The workers family was able to pay for her education in a good school.  Intellect, beauty and straight-A pupil complex, are made her a good applicant for the grant of Lord Bingham. That grant might have given her an opportunity to enter the best universities in England as well as work in the best global companies. She missed it. She failed the exams because of the big anxiety.

     Nonetheless, Lord Bingham has noticed the girl, added his own money and she got the grant.  The special status of “a blue-eyed girl who passed without exams” created a lot of problems, but Natalie studied well and had a firm decision to pay her debt completely. She had never found out that this situation was rigged. Lord Bingham often found ways to create desire in unique people to work for him.

     Natalie, indeed, became a very talented  manager. She quickly got  a management position in «Bingham Steam» research company. Her beauty and manners gave her access to the upper-class society. However, she wasn’t interested in the secular life, she was a workaholic, though, like any other girl she dreamed of true big love.

     The time has came for her at the very beginning of the war, when the Lord Bingham’s empire was destroyed. She agreed to work on a secret Bingham’s base without any hesitations. The secret base where nobody will find her, even her parents… The base where she will continue her good fight.

Role in game: Mentor, teaches the player and deals with organizational issues.