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Lord Bertram Bingham

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«Great men make greater mistakes!»

Lord Bingham

     In private London clubs rumour has it that there is a special boarding school for gifted children. It is a private institution whose patron wished to remain anonymous. Best inventors, politicians and generals are among graduates of this school. They neither join secret clubs nor form alliances. It is whispered that each of them has been brought up for a specific purpose!

     Bertram Bingham was a natural reformer and a prominent industrialist of the technological revolution era. He never talked about the secret school where he studied until his eighteenth birthday. And soon, his own life became one big mystery.

     He built a global empire rather quickly. It covered areas in engineering, radio, electricity, and weapons. Bertram’s engineers, under his own control, designed and built a new “Etherium engine”. That was a birth of the new technology era. For this invention and for many others accomplishments, the Queen gave him the title of Lord.

     But when the Great Empire claimed its rights on the whole World, Lord Bingham rose against it. He occupied a unique, at that time, Etherium mine and surrounded it with his battle towers – an outstanding  defense that couldn’t  been broken by Empire armies.

     Soon the Great Empire has fallen, and Lord Bingham’s influence became global. He became the head of the “Etherium distribution Council”, a special global organization, which controlled mining and deliveries of the valuable mineral.

     Europe has not only recovered from the First World War, but also progressed in all areas of life. After a while, new deposits of Etherium have been found all over the world, and fragile peace became under threat again. The council lost its power and split up into two sides. Lord Bingham advocated the creation of the “United Nations with access to Etherium” and didn’t pay attention to the threat from his ex-colleagues.

     The group of six men from the Council carried out a secret experiment in enriching ordinary Etherium and got a new “Black mineral”. That was a creation of the “Black Cult”, a powerful organization which very quickly seized power in Germany at first and then countries nearby.

     Lord Bingham was persecuted, his Empire was torn into parts, assassins came for his life. He had to fake his own death. Something went wrong, and he injured his arm which almost entirely failed to function.

     Lord Bingham hid in one of his secret bases. In this shelter he began to build his new powerful weapon – a Big Flying Carrier for the Battle Tower.  The Carrier which is capable to bring back the hope in the war with the Cult. The Carrier, which is capable to correct mistakes…

Role in game: Leader. He gives orders and negotiates.