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Leader of the Cult

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“Nobody will ask the winner whether he is telling the truth or a lie.”

Leader– It doesn’t matter who I am and where I came from! The only matter is what I am going to say! When the Cult reaches its goal, I will leave. Because on my place will come the Creator himself! However, to achieve our goals we need to eradicate all lies in our World.

 – A wise man once told me – the bigger the lie, the easier people are going to believe it. The whole old world lives in a tremendous lie! But I assure you, if you tell lies long enough, loud enough and often enough, people start to believe them! Hiding behind the false Gods, doctrines and titles, they are mired in the greedy desire to accumulate wealth and power!

 – But we are different!  We know the truth! We hear the Creator’s will! We feel “Common desire” which unites us, gives us the purpose of live, eradicates jealousy, malice and hate.

 – The Creator bestowed upon us the “Black Etherium” – the conductor of his will in our sinful world! Everybody can touch the mineral and feel the Creator’s will. Unprecedented case in our history.

 – That’s why I’ve created the “Cult” – we’ll eliminate those who can’t sense the “Common desire” and combine all nations. No more War, no more borders. We’ll produce more “Black Etherium” and using it we’ll summon the Creator in our new clean World!

– We know the truth!

Role in game: the Cult’s voice