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Elizabeth von Brown

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“Pride should neither be suppressed or weakened: it should only be directed to right goals”

    ElizabethMany people argue about what influencesa child more: nature or nurture? It seems that balance leans toward nurture, but history knows examples when talent and will power were passed from father to son, or even daughter.

    Elizabeth von Brown always grew up in luxury and was never needy. She was proud and arrogant. Elizabeth was brought up without mother who died when Elizabeth was five. Her father spoiled his daughter by spending big money on her whims.

    Mr. Brown was a big industrialist and Lord Bingham’s rival. He supported the “Enrichment Etherium” project and secretly supplied scientists with technologies. He also supported the new organization “Black Cult”, and later, for that decision, he paid firstly with his mind and later with his life…

    The Brown’s empire fell very quickly.The Cult seized factories and companies. The board of directors was divided into warring factions. Elizabeth was only sixteen, when she dissolved the board of directors and became the head of the weakened Brown’s empire, using her birth right.

    Many people turned away from the young arrogant lady. She was able to save only a small part of factories and scientific centers. By tremendous efforts she could reform the company and got profit which was unbelievable for others. But, what’s more important, she could save a proud tone in the sound of her surname.

    Elizabeth grew up very quickly. She became a strict business lady and the hope of the family. She has never changed her whims: always with a servant, always impeccably dressed. And every day, at five o’clock, even at hard times, she had her cup of black tea from excellent Chinese porcelain.

    Only the moon and a pillow knew that she cried her eyes out at nights…

Role in game: Diplomatic missions