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Dark Lady

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“We are all mad, some just can’t admit it.”

   Dark LadyOnly a few have courage to claim that holding back natural wishes and instincts, hiding true motives and unpleasant thoughts is the true madness itself!

   Samantha White was always a mouse. She was well-mannered, intelligent, but at the same time reserved and unsociable. She didn’t like to stand out and always avoided unnecessary attention.

   She got a good education, and she could be a great scientist if women were allowed to such positions. She worked in a big scientific company, headed by a well-known scientist Nathaniel Hailey. Soon she became his first assistant.She realized that she reached the maximum in her career and was satisfied with it.

   Nathaniel was an ambitious and powerful person. Perhaps because of this, she fell in love with him. She was happy to give her help and support to the great man.

   Unfortunately, Nathaniel had rather radical views. He destroyed the Council, stepped up against Lord Bingham and organized the “Secret Enrichment Etherium” experiment.

   That was a catastrophe. The powerful explosion of unknown energy took away many lives, including Nathaniel’s. Many who were nearby lost their minds. The World got the “Black Etherium” and Samantha got a new identity!

   After the incident, she changed – became confident, strong and no longer hid her beauty. The Black Etherium influence granted her abilities in hypnoses and suggestion. However, she became obsessed by the idea that her beloved is alive, loves her and continues to change the World for the better.

   All this made her the ideal candidate for the role of the representative of the new powerful organization “The Black Cult”. She became known as “Dark lady” and “Bride of Cult’s Leader”. She became the ambassador of the Cult’s will… Perfect, but insane weapon in the impending war for the minds of millions …

Role in game: The representative of the enemy faction