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Dark General

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“We don’t have the right to choose how and when to die, we can only choose how to live.”

Dark General  Lieutenant general Jean Moreau got the order to invade the enemy’s territory and take under control a factory, which produced big walking units.

   He decided to lead the attack personally. Since doctors diagnosed him with lung cancer, his only desire became glorious death in a fair battle.

   The attack was going as planned, until the main forces faced with a battle machine unseen before. The giant walking spider, with a height of 5 floors and with large-caliber guns under its belly, crashed the general’s army without any problems.

   Jean realized that intelligence agency failed and he had to retreat, but somebody in the headquarters decided differently.  They were covered with heavy artillery fire… with friendly fire.

   Bleeding among the wreckage of the infernal machine, he cursed headquarters generals. They betrayed their soldiers, they took his glorious death. Falling into endless dream he thought only about the second chance…

   He woke up in a hospital. A strange mechanism stuck out from his chest which brought him hellish pain. There was a mask on his face which supplied oxygen from special containers. He was covered in tubes and wires, but he was alive.

   The “Black Cult” not only rescued him, but also cured him from cancer.  Breathing through special mechanism in his chest, using oxygen with micro particles of Etherium, he got a new live.

   In his new life, he accepted the “Common desire”, understood the sense of Cult Leader’s ideas, had the greatest army in the planet under his command. But what was more important – he got a chance to glorify in battle with those who betrayed him once…

Role in game: The main general of the Cult’s Army