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21 Jan. 1869 Bertram Bingham was born, a prominent industrialist and a future reformer.
1850 – 1890 The era of total industrialization and evolution of steam machines. Victorian England becomes the center of scientific and social life.
1895 Bertram Bingham creates a company which develops a new type of steam machines.
1896 The new mineral field is found in England. The mineral is named Etherium.  The processing factory near “White mountain” is being built.
1904 Bertram Bingham and his engineers create the “Etherium engine”, a far more effective engine than its existing analogs.
1908 Bingham’s corporation is growing. He owns industrial, scientific and military companies. His technologies improve the standard of living and the military power of England.
1909 For Bingham’s faithful service to England, the king Eduard VII grants him the title Lord.
1912 Bingham’s corporation gets contract for Etherium extraction and processing factory reconstruction. Deliveries of the mineral are increased.
1914 – 1917 First World War. War for the control of Etherim. Using new types of weapons England defeats enemies, names itself the Great Empire, and claims the rights for the whole World!
1918 Lord Bingham rebels against the Empire’s ambitions. He understands that the continuation of War, using Etherium weapons, could lead to global catastrophe. He builds special defense towers around “White mountain”, which hold the onslaught of the Empire.
1919 The Empire is significantly weakened by Lord Bingham. Deliveries of the mineral are stopped. The European countries coalition starts large-scale company against the Empire.
1920 The Empire is defeated. The Territory of England becomes closed administrative area. The big wall is constructed along the perimeter of the British islands.
1921 Lord Bingham establishes the Etherium Distribution Council.
1920 – 1928 Years of recovery and development. The growth of economy, culture and middle class. Electrification. Reduction of steam engines mechanisms based on Etherium.
1928 The development of geological exploration technologies allows  to discover a new Etherium field in Germany.
1928 – 1932 The race for Etherium. New Etherium fields are discovered all over the World. The Council loses its monopoly and influence on Europe.
1932 The split of the Council. Lord Bingham is persecuted, he has to fake his own death. He hides in one of his secret bases.
1933 The secret experiment for Etherium enrichment is performed. The way how to get more powerful mineral “Black Etherium” is found.
1934 A strange phenomenon “Common desire” is discovered – when being close to the mineral, the man experiences unexplained feeling of solidarity and is willing to create and spread the “Black Etherium” all over the World. On its base a new powerful organization the “Dark Cult” has been created.
the end of 1934 The “Black Cult” leader appears on the World scene. The Man in a mask and a ragged cloak declares himself as the head of the Cult’s Council. He doesn’t engage in negotiations, nobody can meet him, he becomes famous as the “Voice of the Cult”.
1935 Using “Common desire” as a tool, the “Cult” quickly takes control over Germany. Its ambassador Dark Lady hypnotizes politicians and generals.  Special squads “Oracles” are spreading  the “Black Etherium”  in masses.  A new type of society based on “Common desire” has been formed.
1935 – 1938 Years of tension and militarization. The “Cult” is gathering power.   Many leaders are becoming addicted to “Black Etherium” and coming under the “Cult” control. Local conflicts for Etherium fields starts.  Many countries are preparing for the war with the “Cult” and gathering their armies on the boarders with Germany.
1939 The first massive attack of Cult’s army on all fronts. The “Cult” occupies most of Europe in a couple of months. The Attack is stopped near Paris. European countries coalition has no effective methods of struggle against fanatics.
1940 Unseen before effective defense line is being built. All resources of the Coalition’s Army sending to maintaining of defense fortifications and controlling of spreading “Black Etherium” inside European countries.  The war became turned into sluggish, trench warfare.
1940 Lord Bingham returns on the World scene with his secret weapon. He successfully performed the tests of the Big Flying Carrier with the Battle Tower on its board. He hires a new skillful Commander for managing the Tower in battles and supporting the secret base.
the end of 1940 The “Cult” feels a new threat and increases the terroristic activity all over the Europe. New Commander will have to learn in the course of battles!