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Steampunk Tower 2 | Official Release Date Trailer

We are excited to announce that the STEAMPUNK TOWER 2 will be released on Thursday, April 19, 2018!! Steam store page

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New Video: Testing ground #1 [only Rockets]

Epic rocket trial runs on our testing ground! What will happen if the Tower is filled only with upgraded Rocket launchers?

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We on Steam Greanlight!

We would like to ask you to support our game on Steam Greanlight. Please visit our page and vote for us.

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New Updates!

– First of all, our Characters stories are appeared in our Encyclopedia. There are nine different characters in game for now. Take a look on what they are, and where they come from! – 2 new Wallpapers are appeared in Media page – And we have launched the first...

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Gameplay trailer 1

Gameplay trailer #1! Work in progress! Bear in mind – there will be lot of changes:

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New trailer!

We have launched the new trailer!

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Introduction     Steampunk Tower 2  is a strategic tower defense game that takes place in the alternative steampunk universe.     Under your control is the secret base, hidden in the mountains, the big flying Carrier with the Battle Tower on its board, and a team of specialists who perform...

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Story: Decision

    The captain’s cabin was strikingly different from the cold metal decks of the Carrier. The interior was designed in perfect Victorian style. A large oak table was littered with papers and blueprints. Cupboards against the walls were filled with books. Leather chairs and a small sofa created comfort....

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This is official site of the Steampunk Tower project! Wait for updates!…

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