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“Doing what you like is the true freedom!”

chr_abi     Someone says that “riot” drives best of us. It gives us ambitions to do what we like, it gives us ambitions for freedom.

     Abigail got to the boarding school for gifted children when she was four. She didn’t know her family and always thought of herself  as an orphan. Since childhood, she was a quick learner and a gifted inventor. The school gave her the best education in England, but she hated being there! She was a problem child and always dreamed of the freedom.

     At an age of sixteen Abigail ran away from the school. She found herself in the street and quickly learned to survive. She became an apprentice at a weaponry master somewhere in the London’s ghetto. Soon, the weaponsmith talent, big knowledge and her explosive character helped her to open her own gunsmith.

     She took any job which inevitably led to relations with the criminal world. The Syndicate supplied her with unique projects and rare materials. But one day, she refused to make an order for two hatchets for a maniac named Jack. She injured him and killed one of the men of the Syndicate in the scuffle. Life in London became impossible, she had to leave everything and run.

     She hid in the Gibraltar’s port, and was engaged in repairing ships and big steam aerostats. Nonetheless, she had been found. A great reward was offered for Abigail’s head, the hunt was opened, but Lord Bingham found her first. He offered her a good job on the secret base, with unlimited resources and advanced technologies, where the Syndicate couldn’t find her. She agreed without hesitation. However, the first project that she worked over, on a new place, was an escape plan!

Role in game: A brilliant mechanic. Head of Armoury and laboratory.